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<b>Newton Neutral Gravity Trainer</b> (0109/0110) Newton Shoes - the natural way to run. Newton Neutral Gravity Training Shoe for men Special Offer £65
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Newton Neutral Gravity Trainer (0109/0110) Newton Shoes - the natural way to run. Newton Neutral Gravity Training Shoe for men Special Offer £65

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Designed for the biomechanically efficient runner, the Gravity lightweight performance trainer offers a fast, flexible ride with incredible energy return and shock absorption. It features Newton's Action/Reaction Technology™ in the forefoot and an advanced rearfoot design aimed at maximizing forward propulsion and optimal running form. Independent studies prove this technology, in conjunction with the LAND-LEVER-LIFT running technique, provides less stress on a runner's joints, muscles and tendons. With improved durability in the heel, a new high-rebound midsole material and improved upperfit, this shoe will keep you running faster and farther with less injury and quicker recovery.

•Highly breathable, fast-drying,open air mesh
•Minimal anatomical forefoot support strapping
•Biolateral stretch panels for comfort and fit
•High-rebound light-weight midsole offers firm cushioning
•Biomechanical forefoot plate and flex grooves to increase communication (proprioception) between foot and the ground
•Carbon rubber heel for increase durabililty
•Rearfoot technology cradles the heel as the foot settles for protection and cushion
•Forefoot Action/Reaction Technlogy
•100% recycled laces, webbing, insole top cover
•100% recycled box, packaging
•10% recycled outersole rubber

•Protective enough to run fast paced long training runs and reliable enough to run 5K to marathon races
•Superior forefoot cushioning and propulsion
•Less impact = less fatigue and less muscle damage to go farther and faster
•Shoes fit true to your current running shoe size
•Wear over time will occur with Newton Running shoes
•With every shoe there is an adjustment period; learn more about adjusting to the shoe

290g (size 8 UK)
5 - 14 (UK)

Last updated 06/09/2018


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