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<b>Lock Laces</b> - The original elastic Lock Lace now available in more colours.
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Lock Laces - The original elastic Lock Lace now available in more colours.

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Lock Laces are a patented "elastic shoelace and locking system" that feature specially designed elastic laces combined with a spring activated locking device.

Lock Laces are great for running , triathlon, playing sports and casual wear. Lock Laces are also ideal for children , the elderly and the physically challenged. Lock Laces can be worn with all styles of running shoes, athletic shoes and casual lace-up shoes for your desired use.

When using Lock Laces, runners, athletes and others never have to stop to retie their shoes during any race, sport or activity. With Lock laces you can simply slip your shoes on, no more tying and untying laces or double knots. Lock laces provide convenience, comfort, more flexibility and a better fit compared to cotton or nylon shoelaces.

Last updated 21/03/2018


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