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Oralade Hydrate+ Oralade Hydrate + the ultimate hydration for dogs after exercise and/or in hot weather. 1 x 400 ml bottle

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Oralade Hydrate+ for dogs
Specially formulated hypotonic drink designed to quickly replenish, fluids, minerals, glucose and the nutrients dogs need for optimum hydration. Made with a 100% natural chicken flavour your dog will love, it encourage them to readily drink when needed. Contains prebiotic fibre GOS+ to support a healthy gut. Ready to serve, requires no dilution in water.
100% natural chicken flavour
Hypotonic formula quickly hydrates
2% glucose helps refuel energy
Prebiotic fibre supports a healthy gut
Hypoallergenic, can be frozen, no waste
Recommended use:
Working/active dogs, hot weather, travel, whelping recovery and more.

Last updated 02/08/2018


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